Friday, April 11, 2014


My ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with my photography business is this week, 
so I'm giving away a FREE PHOTO SESSION to one lucky winner!

If you're in Cincinnati...please visit my facebook page here and enter!
Or even if you're not in can still come by and"like" my page to make me happy! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sara's Nashville Bachelorette Party

How did I meet Sara, you ask? 
Well, I actually love the story on how we met, so let me share it with you.  
When I first moved here 6.5 years ago, I had zero friends. I was walking into work and always said "good morning" to the receptionist (Sara).  Well one day, maybe my third day at work, she stopped me and said "hi. you're pretty! do you want to go to a movie with me tonight?!" hahaha.
I of course said YES, and the rest is history! :)

The bachelorette weekend started out with dinner at The Cabana (delish!!!). We had our own private cabana with a TV and could play our own music! So fun! And then we went out on the town!!
The next morning we took a sexy country line dance class at Studio Goddess. It was definitely entertaining...although NONE of us are any good at "sexy line dancing"! 
 Then, played several games of Cards of Humanity, drank (a lot), grilled out and got ready for the evening!
 Sara is a big Full House fan, so our shirts said "Have Mercy, Sara is a HURLEY!" 
And the back of Sara's shirt had a picture of Uncle Jessie. haha.
 Right when we got downtown I saw this older man wearing a pretty impressive balloon hat. I rolled down my window (I was in a cab) and said "excuse me Mr. Arrow, but can I have your hat".....and shockingly HE GAVE IT TO ME!!! hahahaha. This is the best hat I've ever seen.
 And a few hours later, drinks were flowing and feet were hurting. So sweet Lindsay gave me a lift.
 And then dropped me....twice.  Don't worry, I'm okay! :)
The next morning started with a huge hangover and a delicious glazed donut....then SEVEN HOURS (it usually takes 4) in the car due to traffic. 
Luckily, we were driving next to some really fabulous people! Thanks stranger, you made our drive a little better! :)

And that was our weekend in a nutshell!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

{Home} Painting a Brick Fireplace

Welcome to our FIRST DIY HOME POST!!!
Are you excited to find out how we are transforming our new home???

Well, our first project (besides unpacking, which was a huge task in itself!!) was tackling the fugly brick fireplace in our bonus room.  We were super lucky to find a house with not one, but TWO fireplaces! Unfortunately, one of them needed a lot of work.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to convince you it needed a makeover after seeing this before shot:

Do you have a fugly fireplace in your home? Or any exposed brick you wanted to paint? 
If so, here is the D-I-Y:
(or if you don't feel like reading, just scroll to the bottom to see our end result! I don't mind!)

1. CLEAN UP THE BRICK: Clean up cobwebs, and give the brick a good brushing with a wire brush, or 120-grit sandpaper, to get rid of any loose mortar or dirt. If you have any holes, you will need to caulk or puddy them, and wait the appropriate amount of time to dry, usually 24 hours. (Also, make sure you vacuum all the dirt up and tape walls/floors off if needed!) *A lot of sites suggested to wash the brick with vinegar and water, but we didn't do that and everything was fine!

2. PRIME THE BRICK: We used two coats of primer to cover the entire fireplace. (About 1 gallon of paint for our wall!) This was a very tedious job as the bricks soak up sooooo much paint! Here is CV hard at work! :)

3. UPDATE THE FIREPLACE SCREEN/DOORS: Before we put our final coat of paint on, we wanted to update the fireplace screen. (You can do this first or last, we just chose to do this in the middle because apparently we like to do things the hard way.) As you can see, it was GOLD and really outdated the entire fireplace. We couldn't remove it, so...we taped it off and spray painted with black Rust-oleum high heat spray paint. (Make sure you get the HIGH HEAT version if you're doing this, you can find it right next to the regular spray paints!!) 
This is a gas fireplace, so we had a large pipe sticking out of our brick.  I wrapped it with a garbage bag and decided to paint it black too, so it would match!
Doesn't it look a million times better???

4. FINALLY....PAINT THE BRICK FIREPLACE: Now, you're ready to paint!! We chose the color "Extra White" in satin from Sherwin Williams, grabbed a roller brush and an angled paint brush...and started painting away. (And we painted the mantle to match too!)

And now, the end result:
(We also installed a fancy light fixture....although I think we are going 
to move this light fixture to the dining room instead!)

We also added some color on the walls: "Perfect Greige" by Sherwin Williams.
Here is a quick before/after snapshot:

We still plan to paint the trim, update the flooring, install a different light fixture, hang the TV, install crown molding, and buy new furniture for the room. far...the fireplace looks fabulous, don't you think???

More DIY to come!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My April "To Do" List

My April To Do List:
(And since no post is complete without pictures, here are some snapshots I've taken over the last two months! Enjoy!)
+ Photograph two photo sessions (My weekends are very busy this month, so my photography goals are low)
+ Be completely done editing sessions by the end of the month
+ Book at least two future photography sessions
+ Party in Nashville for my friends Bachelorette Party
+ Attend my friends Bridal Shower
+ Send birthday cards & snail mail to a few friends
+ Party with my BFF who’s visiting from out of town
+ Attend a Clambake
+ Attend a Fish Fry
+ Treat myself to some new clothes (I haven't purchased any clothes all year!)
+ Attend Church on Easter Sunday and wear a pretty dress
+ Get my hair cut
+ Get a massage
+ Exercise 3x a week
(and for the home "to do" list this month)
+ Finish painting the bonus room
+ Paint the living room and hallways
+ Paint the guest room
+ Buy two nightstands for the guest room
+ Buy two lamps for the guest room
+ Remove wallpaper in dining room
+ Remove wallpaper in guest bathroom
+ Remove wallpaper in master bathroom
+ Buy a Lawnmower

Seems like a pretty good list, don't you agree!?
Come back soon for a sneak peek of our new house!! :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

My "80's Glamour Shot" Photo

I thought today would be a good day to post some funny photos of myself.

Remember when I did an 80's styled session for my friends?
Well, I took a few myself......haha....enjoy!!!

I completely forgot to put on the hideous plastic earrings I bought {fail}, but at least I didn't forget the blush, that was obviously more important!

And I badly wanted to recreate this photo I saw on "the worst glamour shots of all time"
I'm dumb and put the bow on the wrong side of my head (too much wine), 
but the outfit was ON POINT!
And one more for fun!

We had sooooo much fun with this silly little photo shoot.
(If you want to see more photos from the shoot, visit my page here!)
Wishing everyone a fun & silly weekend!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christmas in North Carolina....A Delayed Post

With everything that happened at the beginning of the year, I never got to recap my holiday in North Carolina.
...So here it is, in a nutshell. 

CV and I spent our Christmas vacation in sunny North Carolina visiting his side of the family.
I was greeted at the airport by a Christmas Tree.
...and then greeted at the "V" home with funny head-dressings!
We had lots of delicious meals together.
Ate our weight in treats.
Each got one hour massages to relax!
Opened presents! {I got lots of fabulous won $23 on my lottery tickets!}
Went to the movies.
Played games and bowling at Frankies.
Played late night board games!
 Played frisbee golf on Christmas morning.
(a.k.a. took pictures of trees while the boys played because I sucked at it)
 And also snuck in a game of mini-golf, which I also suck at.
It was a great little holiday, while it lasted!
Thanks for FINALLY letting me share our Christmas holiday with you! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Bullet Points

I’ve been “away” lately, so let’s catch up with a bullet point list of random things:

+ CV and I finally moved into our new home!!! We moved out of my little home of 6 years, and where CV has lived for 2 years…and into our FIRST HOME together! I can’t believe we are homeowners now!!
Here we are right after our closing. We are so excited we can't even see straight! haha.

+We attended the Memphis/UC game last week at the University of Cincinnati! It was so much fun to see the Tigers play in my own town…but too bad they lost! 
+ I’ve already booked FOUR weddings this year for my photog biz!! I’m super pumped that my small business is taking off!!! And I bought another lens to add to my collection too!(pretty much the more business I get, I justify another lens purchase!)      

+ Oh, and did I mention I signed a contract to be a wedding photographer for an awesome local wedding company!! Yup, the company had 4 wedding photographers and just hired me on to be their fifth one! I’m super excited to get started with them. (I was going to dedicate one entire post to this announcement and how I’m super lucky to be living out my passion…but ehhhh, sometimes life gets busy and you don’t have a lot of time to blog…so I just decided to just stuffed it down into bullet point #4!) ha.      

_          + I had the BEST TIME EVER with my friends that came in town last month! I am super lucky to have all of them as friends!! We are already planning another girls trip sometime this summer and I can’t wait! 
+ I’ll be in Nashville in a few weeks for my friends’s bachelorette party!! Reminds me of my bachelorette party there last summer, so I can’t wait to go back and party!  

Finding furniture for our new house has been a pain!! It’s so hard to decide on something when where are so many options. The only things we’ve bought so far are a new headboard (its tufted light grey fabric and amazing!!) a chandelier for the dining room (it’s fancy!) and a rug that I haven’t even decided where to put it yet! (Pictures of the house/d├ęcor will come soon the mean time, here is CV and Paisley waiting for our moving trucks on moving day!)
+ I bought Paisley some pet-stairs for our bed. She’s 12 years old and I was getting worried she’d jump down off the bed and hurt herself….so I’ve been training her to use the stairs. So far she hates them….but hopefully she will get used to them soon.
And last but not least, I got promoted at work!! I was just your average Treasury Analyst, but now I'm a SENIOR Treasury Analyst. I am totally moving up in the world! :)

I guess that’s all the random things I have for now. 
Be back soon with more randomness.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Girls Weekend!

Remember how earlier I said I had fabulous friends??? Well, it is true. 
I am lucky to have friends who travel near and far to spend the weekend with make sure I'm doing okay, and to put some FUN back into my life. 
Kimberly, Natalie & April traveled from far places...and a few of my local girls joined in as well!! One even opened up her home for the ENTIRE WEEKEND for my friends (whom she had never met)..the gave us partying gifts, had her chef husband make us dinners and breakfasts! And pretty much planned the most amazing weekend for all of us! 
Like I said...I have the most fabulous friends!!

Here are some pics from the weekend!!
All the girls have arrived! Wearing Tiaras!
Partying Gifts!!
Breakfast was strawberry & dark chocolate french toast!!! MMMmmmmm!!!!!
My girl Natalie bought me my first Kate Spade Bracelet!!!!!! Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!! 
My fab friends! We've been friends since high school...and even longer than that!!
Riding to lunch in the backseat!
The day we had to leave each other! :(
And last but not least...instead of going to the bars, like we would have done on a normal girls weekend trip...we decided to stay in instead and have a cheesy 80's photo session!! Hahahah!!! 
Do you love our 80's look???


So lucky to have all these girls in my life!!
Love you ladies!!