Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leah Bug (...and Hand-Foot-Mouth Sickness)

The day we returned from OBX I got soooooo sick.  I was freezing, but sweating. I had a high fever. My face/cheeks were on fire. My throat hurt. I was throwing up.  IT WAS THE WORST, especially when you have to breastfeed a baby because she doesn't take a bottle very well. It was horrible, and I knew that I would eventually get Leah sick since she was around me to breastfeed.
So....a day later, Leah started getting a fever. I checked it every few hours until it finally got so warm (101 degrees) I called the doctor and made an appointment. 
Turns out....Leah caught "Hand-Foot-Mouth" somehow....and the doctor said she probably had it for a few days and gave it to ME! (Who knew Leah had gotten me sick and not the other way around.)  
She warned us that she would start getting a rash on her hands and feet, but it would all go away soon...just take some baby tylenol and wait for it to pass. 
And just like she said...Leah got a little rash.

Here we are at the doctor.....and the rash on her foot.

Unfortunately, it is very contagious (CV had a fever too and got a rash on his face!) so we had to cancel our halloween plans as we didn't want to get anyone else sick. 
But that didn't deter us from getting Leah into her first Halloween costume and having some fun though! Here's our little ladybug, Leah Bug.
Isn't she just the cutest ladybug you've ever seen! :)

And just for I am in college as a ladybug! Haha. Like mom like daughter!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vacationing in OBX

Our family took a 7 day getaway to the Outer Banks of North Carolina a few weeks ago for a big family vacation.  We had two houses on the beach, each house had 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a movie theater, rec room with a pool table and shuffle board, 3 refrigerators, a heated pool and hot tub, and an amazing view of the ocean.
 The parents (CV's parents, aunts and uncles) had one house. And the other house consisted of all of CV's cousins, spouses and kiddos. CV and I got the pent house suite on the 3rd floor so we got to wake up to an amazing view every morning and watch the sun set every night.
It was Paisley's first trip to the beach!
It was OBX's off-season, so we got to enjoy a beautiful peaceful beach with the birds. 
 ...and a few surfers.
 One day all the cousins ventured to Corolla, NC for a wild horses tour.
We all piled into an open hummer and drove up and down sand dunes to search for wild horses. 
I think we saw 18 horses!
Here we are after our tour!
 It was so fun to vacation with all of CV's family and get to know them all a little better.
And of course...we had to take family photos on the beach. It was Leah's first time at the beach, she didn't really get to play on the beach since she's so little and it was either really hot and sunny or too cold and windy - so sweet Leah stayed indoors for most of the trip. (but thats okay because she got to play with her new best friend Beckett!)
Here's our beach photo sesh:
OBX has the best sunsets. The sky was pink and purple every night!
 CV's parents live in OBX so I'm sure we will be back again soon to visit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Month Four with Leah

Leah turned 4 months old on 10/13/15. (Oops, a little late!) 
Here is our update:

Four Month Update:
Weight: 12 pounds 9 ounces (30th percentile) Up 2 pounds since her 2 month appt.
Height: 23.5 inches (40th percentile)
Head: 39cm (6th percentile)
 Diapers: Just moved to Size 2 diapers on her 4 month birthday
Clothing: You are wearing 3-month clothing and 3-6 month pajamas. You have worn a few 6-month onsies and pjs but they are still a little big on you.
Eating: You are still exclusively breastfed and eating every 3-4 hours. We are definitely on a better eating schedule during the day, but I do feed you a few extra times at night before bed.
Sleep: You're still a good little sleeper, but you're waking up during the night to eat. Growing girl gets hungry!
Social: You had your first road trip this month to Memphis!! You got to meet your uncle Michael, uncle Dave and cousin Austin...and you got to see your Aunt Liz, Grandma and cousin Maddy again too. You loved visiting and hanging out with your two cousins, and you did great on your road trip too!
You also came to work with mommy for a day so I could clean out my desk. You were passed around the office and even took a little catnap on a blanket on the floor.
You had two baby sitting experiences. Mommy and Daddy had two weddings to attend, so your godfather watched you one night, and cousins Katie and Trent watched you another night. You didn't do very well for your godfather, but hopefully you will get better with your baby sitters.
You had your first trip to the zoo! We went with Mimi and her son Patrick who is only a few months older than you.  You didn't cry the entire time, nor did you sleep. You were so happy looking at everything at the zoo.
Mommy: I'm doing great and trying to get used to not going to work every day. And I lost another 4 pounds this month so I have 3 more pounds of baby weight to go! 
Likes: Bath time, talking, smiling, giggling, putting weight on your legs, watching TV, strolls around the neighborhood, ceiling fans, getting her diaper changed, white noise, bouncing, the zoo!
Dislikes: teething, getting shots, sitting in her car seat, being hot, not being held, being tired, babysitters

Leah's growing!
See you soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bundling Up with JJ Cole

We've been taking strolls almost every night since Leah was born. It's our little daily tradition to put Leah in her carseat, put on our tennis shoes, grab the leash for Paisley and adventure around the block to get some fresh air. We typically only miss the days where it's raining or too cold outside as I don't want Leah to be uncomfortable.
Luckily, we were gifted the JJ Cole BundleMe cover and hat for Leah so we can continue our daily walks throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. I was so excited to receive this and immediately put it to use on our first cold day.
It was so easy to put in as it has one adjustable strap that velcros around the back, and the seat belt buckles easily come through the center.  I was happy to know it fit our Chicco car seat perfectly.
It was a beautiful but chilly Sunday morning, so before we headed to brunch we thought it would be a great day to head to the local park for a morning stroll using our new cover.
I love how it zips down on both sides so she can't kick it off too. She's been known to kick off her blankets bc she loves to kick those feet. :)
Leah stayed warm through our whole walk around the park and loved being cozy in her new BundleMe!
I would definitely recommend buying a #bundlemegood BundleMe for your carseat or stroller to keep your little one warm!
This will be on our car seat until Spring!

*I was gifted the JJ Cole BundleMe cover and hat for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Few Teething Toys

Leah is four months old and is already teething.  Can you believe it???
Luckily, I've had these great Nuby teething products for a while now, so we are finally able to put them to use. I'm so happy we had these in advance, because when Leah was in pain from teething - I had three things on hand to offer her to help.

1. Flip Flop Teether Book
Leah loves her teether book. It's nice to offer her something that is entertaining as well as something she can teeth on.
 Not only is it a cute story, but she loves the crinkle sounds it makes when she turns the page.
 And she loves the vibrant colors and patterns.
 It definitely grabs her attention and she loves playing with it and it definitely helps with making her gums feel better. 
You can purchase one at

 KoolSoother Geometric Teether
It's been pretty painful for her at night and I usually have to rock her to sleep while holding this teether in her mouth for her to soothe her gums.
 These are definitely her favorite because they are filled with water which can be refrigerated so its cool on her sore gums,
 There's also multiple teething surfaces that massage her gums. These are definitely her favorite teethers, and they are easy for her to hold herself. 
Buy yours at Kmart!

Nuby also makes these cute Floppers characters. We have the turtle that I named "Timmy". :)
(They also have an alligator and a monkey.)
 There are multiple teething surfaces for Leah to teeth on. 
 She started playing with this toy a few months ago because she loved snuggling with it, but now she is using it to relieve the pain of her sore gums.......but she still likes to snuggle. :)
I love that it's easy for her to hold, and it will just lay on her stomach, so she doesn't drop it as often as a regular teethers.

We absolutely love these three teething products, that are all more than just your standard teether.
What have you offered your teething baby??? Any advice can help!

I received these products for a review, but all opinions are my own. 
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