Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's starting to feel like Fall!

This weekend was a very busy one.
So busy that I'm left with a stiff neck that I can't stretch or move around too much! :(
But regardless of my sore neck, the weekend had a lot of great highlights!
It started on Thursday night with a super long walk around our neighborhood.  CV & I usually walk the same trail every day, but we decided to switch it up and walk a different way...and guess what we found?! This amazing park with fountains, tree trails, a dock with wooden swings, and plenty of fun things to sniff for Paisley! I'm super excited I found this little gem, and can't wait to convince future photography customers to meet me there for a session! I just love our new little neighborhood!
On Friday, my coworkers and I volunteered for our "Change the World" campaign. We volunteer at a local community every year around 9/11. This year we chose Redwood, which is a center in Northern Kentucky that specializes in children and adults with multiple and severe disabilities. We helped them by landscaping, building educational learning programs and helped clean up and make their play ground safer! :)
Definitely a great day with my coworkers.
Friday night, CV & I met our friends A&A for dinner and caught up on life! It was pretty much three hours of straight chatting and laughing! I just love double dates! :)
Saturday, I photographed a wedding reception, as you probably saw from my Instagram sneak peek!
And I woke up early on Sunday and photographed a senior session and family session too!
(Then, spent 4 hours in front of the computer trying to get a head start on editing!)
Shew - I'm exhausted!

Sunday night, CV and I treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at Desha's, then we came home, started a fire...watched some TV and hit the sheets!
I'm definitely loving that it's starting to feel like Fall and we can get cozy in our home by lighting some pumpkin scented candles, while having a fire going in the fireplace! :)
Mmmmmm cozy!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxo!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Busy Jax

Incase you're wondering what I'm doing this month/next month/the rest of the year.
It's this:
No, not laying down in the grass enjoying the beautiful weather...
...but taking lots and lots of photographs just like this.
 In the next month, I have 4 weddings to photograph!
(Including this gorgeous couple who's wedding is this weekend!!)
 And about 6 handfuls of family photo sessions.
 I'm not really sure how many are in a handful, but I do know all my September & October weekends are completely booked and my hands will definitely be full until Christmas!
 {So if you want to be on my books for November...you better act fast!}
So if I'm not around the ole blog very often...you know what I'm doing...
But you can always find me on Instagram here.
And follow me on my photography facebook page here, to see the rest of the photos from these sessions. :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

{Before/After} Our Guest Room

I posted a little sneak peek of our guest room about two months ago, but since so much has changed I wanted to give a new and improved update on my favorite room (so far) in the house.
And I wanted to show you before and after pictures..so you can really appreciate our hard work! :)

Here is the lovely BEFORE picture...straight from the real estate listing:
You can't see the blinds in this picture because they are tucked under that ugly
window treatment, but the blinds were BLUE!!
 And now here is what it looks like AFTER:
Doesn't it look cozy?!
Mirrors: Wal-Mart // Lamps: Hobby Lobby // Clock: Tick Tock Clock via Anthropologie

Curtain Rod: Umbra Square Rod via Target // Curtains: Navy block-out curtains via IKEA
Blinds: Levolor 2" Wood Blinds via Blindsaver
Rug: Circle Shag Area Rug via Target
Bed Linens: Duvet & Duvet Cover: Alvine Stra via IKEA // White Sheets: BB&B
White Bed skirt: BB&B // Polka Dot Pillow Cases: IKEA // 
Coral Pillow Shams: Trina Turk via BB&B
Green Square Geometric Pillow: Trina Turk via BB&B // 
Small Abstract Pillow: Trina Turk via BB&B

The other side of the room is not as pretty...soon these brown wood things will be replaced with pretty white things! :)
FedEx Abstract Painting: Gift from my BFF:)
 Blue Picture Frame: HomeGood Stores
Teal Specks Vase: Crate & Barrel

Want to know what we did?

+ Painted three walls white & an accent wall navy blue
+ Removed old window treatments & installed new curtain rods & curtains (after I hemmed them on the sewing machine!)
+ Removed blue blinds & installed new blinds
+ Bought new furniture, bed linens, lamps, d├ęcor, etc, etc, etc.
+ Hung mirrors and artwork

Although it looks finished and I'm truly happy with it....there are still some things I'd like to do down the road:
+ Add overhead lighting
+ Paint trim & ceiling
+ Update closet doors with white french doors
+ Update bedroom door
+ Update dresser

Oh, and always wonder what people put inside their guest room nightstand drawers??? Well, here's what's in mine!
Left Side: Magazines, Tissues, and some Matches for the candle that sits on the nightstand
 Right Side: Notebooks, Pen, and Bibles
...because we are pretty much like a hotel around here! :)

Hope you liked visiting my little guest room...
Be back soon with more of our home tour! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Before/After} Backyard Trellis

You saw the plans for the trellis...now you want to see the before and after pictures.
Am I right??

Let's start with the before pictures. This bad boy was made with pipes and a aluminum roof! Sounds high class doesn't it?

First, the boys had to tear that sucker down.
{goofin' off}

Then, it came time to build!
{these were taken out the window above the trellis}
And finally after 2.5 days of nonstop hard work...it was complete.
 I just love the little detail on the top of the hand railing.
 ...and the view looking up.

Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!!

Gotta love before and after pictures to see your progress!! :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stop and Smell The Roses

My little Paisley is seriously the cutest dog alive.
Did you know she NEVER barks...like ever? Not a peep!
(Unless you accidentally step on her and then she will let out a very high pitch squeal!)
And she doesn't chew on anything, unless it's a treat or food.
And she doesn't play with any toys...no fetching...no tug a war...no squeaky animals.
You might think this sounds boring...but I don't.
Paisley is one of those dogs that enjoys the simple things in life.
She enjoys cuddling, a soft blanket, a bowl of food.
Lots of rubs, sitting in laps, going on walks.
Jumping up and down, long naps, looking out the window.
And just enjoying the little treasures of everyday life.

She sure has come along way since I rescued her 6 years ago...
And not a day goes by where she doesn't stop and smell the roses.

 Thanks to our friends M&D who gifted us this gorgeous little rose bush as a house warming gift.
We absolutely love it! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our first party + In-laws

CV's parent's were in town from the Outer Banks last week...
We thought it would be nice for the whole family to get together, so we did what anyone with a big backyard would do, and invited everyone over for a little party!
CV's mom's birthday was coming up, so it was a perfect reason to get together and celebrate.
We had about 30ish people attend...which called for renting some tables and chairs for the perfect little dining experience.  Add some flowers as centerpieces...and there you have it!

A game of bocce ball started...
 ...along with a lot of conversations.
...and grilling hamburgers/hotdogs/etc!
CV handled the grill...along with his sidekick, Bob.
(Ladies in Cincinnati...he's single!!) :)
Paisley even wore her new little outfit for the party.
And then I stopped taking pics...because I'm the HOST, not the photographer!
The rest of the week/weekend included painting rooms in the house, yard work, planting lots of gorgeous flowers, eating delicious meals, drinking A LOT of wine, and hanging out with the family.
It was great to have the in-laws in town for the week...
Now back to the normal schedule of life...